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Maggie's Massage Spa - Relax your body, clear your mind, & soothe your soul

Therapeutic Spa

We invite you to try one of our aromatherapy whirlpool spas. Take some personal time for yourself, away from daily stress!  Salt water based whirlpool & massage treatment, increases lymphatic drainage, relaxes sore muscles, stimulates circulation, and restores your energy.  It will amaze you!
Cedar Sauna
30 Mins  $20 *

Whirlpool Jacuzzi
30 Mins  $20 *

Extend that relaxation process after or before your Massage 
with a Spa/Sauna for only $15 *.  Available for up to 60 Minutes, 30 minutes is just a suggested time to enjoy the Sauna/Spa.  Thank you.
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