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Maggie's Massage Spa - Relax your body, clear your mind, & soothe your soul

Therapeutic Massage

  Half Hour  $45
  1 Hour      $70
  90 Mins    $90

Couple's Massage 
Half Hour Swedish    $90
1 Hour Swedish      $140
Half Hour Deep Tissue      $110
1 Hour Deep Tissue      $160

Deep Tissue (Therapeutic Pain Relief)
  Half Hour  $55
  1 Hour      $80
  90 Mins    $115

Foot Massage (Relieves Anxiety & Stress)
  Half Hour  $40
  1 Hour      $55

Myofascial Release (Relaxes Soft Tissue)
Half Hour  $45
1 Hour   $65
90 Mins  $90

Healing Rock (Relieves Chronic Pain)
  Half Hour  $55
  1 Hour      $80
  90 Mins    $115

Sports Massage (Improves Athlete's Performance)
Half Hour $55
1 Hour $80
90 Mins $115

Prenatal (Relieves Back Ache)
  Half Hour  $45
  1 Hour  $65

Benefits of Massage Therapy
†Promotes well-nourished and healthy skin
†Improves circulation of the blood, lymph, and oxygen
†Relaxes muscles and improves joint mobility
†Encourages general relaxation
†Improves immune system functioning
†Improves energy flow
†Releases endorphin's for pain relief

Therapeutic Massage Style  and Effect
Choose the style of massage you would like, and ask for it by name when you schedule your appointment.  If you don't know what style is best for you, your therapist will help you decide before the session starts. 

What to Expect
Please arrive a few minutes early to make yourself comfortable in a private, relaxing room.  During your massage, breathe deeply and regularly.  Close your eyes, speak little, and let yourself rest. 

We provide the best all natural oils, lotions, and fragrances, to enhance your spa experience.  If you are allergic to any essential oils, please let your therapist know.  

With our professional draping techniques we ensure modesty by allowing your to remain fully covered during your massage.  Your therapist will adjust their touch to your needs, after all, this is your special gift!

It is recommended to drink plenty of water before and after your Massage to prevent potential soreness days after.  During your Massage, many toxins are released so it's important to flush those away.

Tips are appreciated, but not required.  Thank you.

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