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Maggie's Massage Spa - Relax your body, clear your mind, & soothe your soul

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner / TCM

Maggie Wahmhoff, 
 28 years of experience

Trained in mainland China
Certified by World Health Organization & China 1991

Eastern Therapies
Moxibustion Therapy & Ear Therapy

Bringing ancient healing ability to many health disorders and pain relief for:

ADHD * Addictions * Asthma * Bell's Palsy * Backaches Colitis * Depression * Earaches * Headaches * Hyperactivity * Insomnia  
Menopause  *  Muscle & Nerve aches * Neuromas
P.M.S. * Shoulder * Shingles * Sport Injuries  
Toothaches * Trigger Finger

Requires 1 to 3 visits to feel results 

Acupuncture assists in the maintaining of balance and harmony within the body. It is thought that when chi (life energy) becomes stagnant and the flow is disrupted, illness and disease are the result. In order to restore chi  distribution, needles are inserted into acupuncture points along the meridians (energetic pathways) of the body. In some instances, the needles are simply left in place, but more commonly, while inserted, the needles are gently moved using a rotating or pumping action. This frees the blockage and restores chi flow in the meridians, ultimately, returning balance and healthy function to your body system and organs.

 Moxibustion Therapy 

This therapy aides in the relief of sinus troubles, asthma, earache, sciatica, shingles and gives soothing warmth to deep arthritis pain.
30 Mins  $15
60 Mins $40

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